Why Is it Needed?

The carbon capture technology being developed at Project Tundra will help ensure the availability of affordable, reliable, and clean energy as the world seeks to reduce its carbon footprint.

By using carbon capture technology to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and comply with federal or other regulations, coal-fired power plants can remain an option for generating electricity in a low-carbon economy and avoid billions in stranded assets through premature retirement of power plants. Existing coal-fired plants fitted with carbon capture technology can play a key role in balancing the intermittent nature of renewables, such as wind and solar, with the baseload reliability of coal.

The demonstration and commercialization of this technology for lignite and other low-rank coal is important to the economy of North Dakota. It will protect jobs and ensure the continued supply of low cost, reliable electricity to consumers in North Dakota and the region. But the benefits of Project Tundra won’t be limited to just one state. The project’s success can be applicable across the nation’s existing coal-fired power plants and also globally to regions where low rank coal is abundant.

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